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The Six Pillars of The Global Order of Satan

Satanism helps define how we live our lives & interact with other people. The founding pillars of a Satanic organisation guide and empower you to live a Satanic lifestyle. No single founding pillar should be raised higher than any other. Our actions should be guided by them collectively.

  1. Self-fulfilment and personal understanding allow us to support ourselves and therefore others.
  2. Respect the inviolable body, autonomous will, and sovereign right of every individual to guide their own life and being; remembering that enjoyment of these rights is predicated on respect for the same in others.
  3. Science, evidence, reason, and critical thinking should guide our beliefs about our universe. Truly critical thinking can only be achieved by challenging your own preconceptions and opinions, providing a more balanced outlook to help us make better informed decisions.
  4. Act with empathy, compassion, and wisdom towards yourself and others.
  5. Justice always takes precedence over laws, institutions, and religious texts, as long as the pursuit of it does not countermand the pillars.
  6. All people make mistakes. Allow them to correct those mistakes, as we seek acceptance in others over our own.