Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you can find answers to some of the questions we are most regularly asked.
[Last update: 2024-04-08]

Do you believe in / worship Satan?

No. We are atheists, which means we don’t believe in the existence of the supernatural. This means no god, no demons, no angels, no ghosts (holy or otherwise) and no devil. Worship is an expression of adoration to something which one reveres. In our case, we revere ourselves, as individuals, capable of the greatest human expression of compassion and empathy. We have hearts and minds that are imbued with warmth, rational enquiry, and a quality of curiosity that can reason, resolve, and navigate profound existential experiences. That’s essentially the heart of Satanism. This philosophy can be thought of as a type of selfism.

Do you sacrifice animals?

Of course not. Satan doesn’t exist, so there’s nobody to sacrifice to. Besides, animal cruelty or the mistreatment of animal remains would be against everything we stand for. There are plenty of other religions (and troubled teenagers) that kill animals with the intent of achieving some misguided ritual “purpose”; despite what lazy journalists would have you believe there’s nothing in modern Satanism that would encourage such an act.

If you don’t worship the devil then why do you call yourselves Satanic?

Buddhists don’t worship Buddha, but they follow those teachings. The name Lucifer actually means “lightbringer”: nothing is more illuminating than knowledge. Similarly, Satan simply translates as “adversary”. In the Christian mythos, Satan was the first to speak out and voice rational inquiry to an authoritarian god that demanded blind obedience, and for this disobedience he was cast out of Heaven. Of course we don’t believe this actually happened. But, historically, we know that those who speak out against the injustices committed by governments, religious dictators, and corporations that consistently prioritise profits over people are often imprisoned, killed, or branded as incendiaries. So we believe the allegorical teaching of Satan is the need to use one’s own voice as an honest tool of evidence-based dissent, to speak up against corrupt or injust power structures. Using a name with such emotive associations also requires individuals to think about what it is that they actually believe. To its detriment, much of the world’s cultural experience is informed by religious dogma and institutional influence, and it can be hard to disentangle what one actually believes from what one has been told to believe. Associating with something typically seen as forbidden and characterised as evil, when evidence shows that thing to be ethical and charitable for the benefit of all mankind, requires a level of rationality and critical thinking that we encourage in our membership. As we like to say: if people and governments and leaders can do horrible things in the name of God then we can most certainly do beautiful and inspired things in the name of Satan.

So then you’re activists, not Satanists?

We are Satanists, make no mistake. It is the lessons of the literary Satan that we follow –the importance of dissent, rational inquiry, vigilant self-assessment, and the continuing struggle for justice. Because we’re committed to acting on our beliefs, this philosophy can take the form of activism. And like anyone else who calls themselves religious, it’s our commitment to these deeply held convictions that our organisational identity represents. So, yes, we’re Satanists – and activism is just our way of doing the devil’s work.

Won’t the name Satan make it harder to accomplish your goals? Wouldn’t it be better if you called yourself something else?

People can be superstitious and reactive as individuals and in groups, which is often a symptom of ignorance or entitlement — and we’d like to change that way of thinking. Of course it’s an uphill battle, but every movement towards social equilibrium requires those on the forefront. If the world would take steps to shift its collective approach to differences away from defensive and protective, making an intentional movement towards vigilant integrity in our approach to truth, understanding, and self-awareness, then we might realise we’re far less vulnerable and capable of great adaptability which is empowering.

So you don’t have rituals or kill babies?

What most people think they know about Satanism comes from Roman Polanski films like Rosemary’s Baby and The Ninth Gate, The Omen trilogy, and Hammer Horror films like The Devil Rides Out. It’s not surprising – those are great films – but that’s fiction, folks. We do perform rituals, but so does everyone else in their daily life. Crossing the street is a ritual in which you look both ways beforehand. Checking your email can be a ritual if you have a routine for it — do you check it in when you first wake up…perhaps with coffee? Do you play music and dance around the kitchen while cooking supper? That’s a ritual too. We ritualise life because it provides comfort and it can be a hallmark for important events of recognition, such as the ritual of marriage. Global Order of Satan performs rituals too, but this isn’t black magic, it’s just a celebration of life lived well.

I’ve heard that becoming a Satanist will grant me money, fame and power. How do I join you and get all this?

We’re sorry to disappoint you, but joining Global Order of Satan does not grant you money, or fame, or power. If you read through the rest of this FAQ and site, you’ll find that we’re an atheist group, who don’t believe in a god, or a devil, and also laugh at the concept of doing some kind of deal with a supernatural entity for a secret way to make money, become famous or powerful. We stand for those oppressed by mainstream religions, and provide a community for those who agree with our philosophy – we’re not a cult, there’s no direct line to grant special favours from Satan, and we’re very sorry you’ve been lied to.

Are you related to the US-based Church Of Satan or The Satanic Temple?

No, we have no affiliation with either. Although some of our beliefs may be similar, we also have different policies and principles. For example, membership with Global Order of Satan is always free. We also don’t ask for money from our members or chapters, and we put into practice our ideals about autonomy and the importance of rebellion. Because we have more of a global reach, as we currently have Orders covering Europe, the Americas, Australasia, and the Middle East, our concerns are global ones and not restricted to our locale.

So do you hate religion?

Religious practice can be a source of immense emotional gratification. We’re a religion ourselves, so no, of course we don’t hate religion! What we hate is abuse and bullying. When Catholic Charities are taking social welfare money earmarked for HIV prevention but hide the condoms because they don’t believe in them, that’s a type of moral bullying with epidemic consequences. When families in one of the most dynamic capitols in the western world burn to death in substandard housing because of greed supported by casual classist attitudes, that’s economic bullying and a form of genocide. And if you’re a bully, especially one who uses religion as a get-out of-jail-free card in place of compassion and reason, then we’ll probably be seeing each other soon.

Do I have to be a goth/like metal music to join?

Absolutely not — we believe in individuality & free expression, and appreciate the value of diversity.

Does it cost anything to be a member?

No. Membership is free, and we will never pass around a collection plate.

I have another question, which isn’t here.

Why not get in touch with us on our social media for more information? You can contact us through our dedicated page: Contact The Global Order Of Satan .

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