Satanic actions

Below are details of some of the actions that we have conducted, from rituals to activism, standing up for the Satanic ideals which we hold to be true.

  • A Black Mass for Poland Following the re-election of the "Law and Justice" (PiS) party in Poland, known for their anti-LGBT agenda, their denial of women's reproductive rights, and pursuance of a Christian hegemony, The Global Order of Satan held a Black Mass to show our defiance of their actions, and our support of those persecuted by their ignorance. Introduction… Read more
  • Global Order of Satan UK documentary Global Order of Satan UK documentary We're very pleased to announce the release of a new short documentary about Global Order of Satan - United Kingdom from After Hours. Featuring interviews with new and old members, as well as footage of a ritual, this documentary provides an introduction to our practices and philosophy, our history and why we became Satanists, what… Read more
  • Satanism in the media – an open letter to the BBC and UK media outlets Today the BBC released a segment on the horrific actions of a disturbed individual who murdered two women in what he claimed was a part of a "Satanic" pact.  The man in question was shown to subscribe to extreme right wing occultist ideology as espoused by neo-nazi groups such as the Order of Nine Angles.… Read more