Satanic actions

Below are details of some of the actions that we have conducted, from rituals to activism, standing up for the Satanic ideals which we hold to be true.

  • Satan Not Hatin' wordmark with antifascist trident symbol Satan Not Hatin’ The Global Order of Satan stands against all forms of bigotry, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and hate, as well as ideologies such as fascism that spread them. Satan Not Hatin' is our campaign to embody a resistance, and encourage those around us to join us in standing up with us. Read more
  • A Black Mass for Poland Following the re-election of the "Law and Justice" (PiS) party in Poland, known for their anti-LGBT agenda, their denial of women's reproductive rights, and pursuance of a Christian hegemony, The Global Order of Satan held a Black Mass to show our defiance of their actions, and our support of those persecuted by their ignorance. Introduction… Read more
  • Satanism in the media – an open letter to the BBC and UK media outlets Today the BBC released a segment on the horrific actions of a disturbed individual who murdered two women in what he claimed was a part of a "Satanic" pact.  The man in question was shown to subscribe to extreme right wing occultist ideology as espoused by neo-nazi groups such as the Order of Nine Angles.… Read more
  • Ban Conversion Therapy Banning ‘conversion therapy’ So-called "conversion therapy" is the pseudoscientific practice of attempting to "cure" people of their sexuality or gender identity using physical, psychological or spiritual methods. Despite the warnings of medical, scientific, and government institutions around the world that these practices are ineffective, people are still bullied or coerced to take part in these barbaric actions. The… Read more