About The Global Order of Satan

The Global Order of Satan is an international collection of communal Orders, helping to grow Satanic idealism and self worship, while protecting those who are oppressed by overbearing religious hegemony.

As atheists we believe in neither gods nor devils. Our ideology is instead rooted in courage, compassion, science, the self, and in rituals of introspection. These ideals are enshrined in our Founding Pillars.

For more information, please read the following pages, we highly recommend the What Is Satanism and Frequently Asked Questions pages. If you have any questions, please contact us.

  • History and background of the Global Order of Satan Officially formed on June 24th 2018, The Global Order of Satan was formed to be a worldwide collective of Satanists united under a shared set of life values & moral pillars. Our aim is to make the world we live in a better place through our actions and in doing so eliminate prejudice, injustice, and… Read more
  • The Six Pillars of The Global Order of Satan Satanism helps define how we live our lives & interact with other people. The founding pillars of a Satanic organisation guide and empower you to live a Satanic lifestyle. No single founding pillar should be raised higher than any other. Our actions should be guided by them collectively. Self-fulfilment and personal understanding allow us to… Read more
  • What is Satanism? Satanism has been misrepresented and often misinterpreted in the past. Our Satanism is based upon self-reliance and care, responsibility and compassion. The foundation of Satanism is built on the self and in carrying out Satan's work with humanity. This work is done when we give voice to the voiceless; when we challenge authoritarianism and injustice;… Read more
  • Frequently Asked Questions This is our list of some of the questions we are asked most regularly, so you can get answers to them, without having to ask us directly. Do you believe in / worship Satan? No. We are atheists which means we don’t believe in the existence of the supernatural. This means no god, no demons,… Read more
  • Contact The Global Order of Satan For general enquiries, please email info@gosatan.com. You can also connect with us on our various social media channels: Facebook Twitter Mastodon Instagram Youtube International Facebook Group Alternatively you can join our Discord server to converse with our members, friends and associates from all around the globe. Read more
  • Global Order of Satan reading list Satanism is a worship of the self, and with that comes an evolution of the mind. We recommend these books in helping you form your Satanic journey, and building your thinking around Satanism. (For source material on the Satanic myth) John Milton – Paradise Lost Anatole France – Revolt of the Angels Peter A. Schock… Read more
  • Satanism, the Illuminati and the Faustian pact The Satanic path is one of individualism and personal growth, and every Satanist will have their own reasons for walking it as well as their own experiences while on the journey. There are a few events that many Satanists all experience. That is, to be approached by an individual or group professing to be the… Read more