Joining the Global Order of Satan

There are three types of participation with the Global Order Of Satan. The first is as an unaffiliated Contributor on our private Discord server. This allows interaction with Order members (and other non-members), without yourself becoming a member. This might be a good way to see if you feel right for the Order, or if the Order feels right for you.

Secondly, our Affiliate members are members of the Global Order of Satan, but without belonging to a national Order. This is intended as a stepping stone towards full membership for those interested in starting a new Order in countries that do not currently have an official GOS presence. Affiliate members agree to abide by our Code of Conduct, but do not have voting rights in a national Order.

The third option is full membership of the Global Order Of Satan. Full members agree to abide by our member Code of Conduct, have full voting rights in a national Order, and are expected to maintain active and participatory membership.

Joining Our Discord Server

Being an unaffiliated Contributor gives you access to our private Discord Server, allowing you to interact with full members of the Order internationally, plus with other non-members. You can apply to join the Discord server by using this invite link and following the on-server instructions. If you do not yet have a Discord account, you may instead use our web-based application form here.

Joining The Global Order Of Satan

Becoming a member of the Global Order of Satan involves two things – agreement to align your Satanism with our Six Pillars and acceptance into one of our Orders.

Before You Apply

Becoming A Satanist

The choice to become a Satanist is an entirely personal one, and you don’t have to be a member of the Global Order of Satan (or any other Satanic group!), in order to be a Satanist. The journey towards self-awareness, compassion, responsibility and self-worship is one that you can take on your own. As a starting guide you can check out our reading list of recommended texts to further develop your appreciation of perspectives we have enjoyed.

Be Aware Of What We Do (And Don’t) Believe

The Joining Process

Applying to become a full member of the Global Order Of Satan is a two-step process. Initially, you may fill in the membership application form (see below). Delegated GOS representatives will review your application. Should your application be progressed to the interview stage, a GOS member from your local Order will contact you to arrange an interview, usually by telephone. You will be informed whether your membership application was successful after the interview stage.

To start a membership application, get in touch via our Contact page or use our online form here.

Starting an Order

Do you have a group of Satanist friends in your local area? What should you do if you want to start your own Order?

The process of starting a new Order is open to affiliate members of Global Order of Satan. After a successful membership application, contact the International Council for further details.

Hail Satan.

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