Joining the Global Order of Satan

Being a member of the Global Order of Satan involves two things – agreement to align your Satanism with our Six Pillars and acceptance into one of our Orders. If you wish to become a member, find the Order for your area, and contact them to apply for membership.

If there isn’t an order in your region our country, you are welcome to come and join our International Facebook Group, so that you can meet other Satanists. If you feel that you wish to start a chapter, please refer to our Starting an Order page.

Becoming a Satanist

The choice to become a Satanist is an entirely personal one, and you don’t have to be a member of the Global Order of Satan, or any other Satanic group, in order to be a Satanist. The journey towards self-awareness, compassion, responsibility and self-worship is one that you can take on your own. To help you, we will be creating a series of writings on the concept of guiding your own Satanic journey, but, for starters, we have provided our reading list of books that we feel will help you.