Bloody Hell!

The Global Order of Satan is a religious organisation of modern atheistic Satanists, advocating for Enlightenment values of tolerance, empathy and self-actualisation. We oppose hierarchical religions and power structures, and campaign to protect those affected by religious bigotry, instead promoting a morality based on compassion, science and rituals of self-introspection.

Bloody Hell! is the Global Order of Satan’s campaign contributing to reducing period poverty in the UK. We believe nobody who needs them should be without access to menstrual products, especially through financial constraints. We use Order fundraising and financial donations to purchase a range of sanitary products, which we then donate to food banks throughout the UK free of charge.

Our first lot of products went out on 21st December 2023 to various food banks in the UK. Thank you to everyone who donated or bought some of our merch to help us achieve this.

If you’d like to support this campaign, please make a donation!

If you run a food bank and would be interested in working with us, you can get in touch on our contact page.

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