Satanism, the Illuminati and the Faustian pact

The Satanic path is one of individualism and personal growth, and every Satanist will have their own reasons for walking it as well as their own experiences while on the journey. There are a few events that many Satanists all experience. That is, to be approached by an individual or group professing to be the Illuminati, seeking to join the Illuminati, or someone asking you to contact the Dark Lord for riches or fame in return for their soul. The latter of which was made famous by the story of the classic German legend of Faust, and is known as the Faustian Pact.

It is important to state that the Satanism the Global Order of Satan espouses is one of Humanist and Progressive values. We don’t actually believe in the physical manifestation of an evil goat man on a throne scheming to usurp a deity that holds a strange interest in collecting the flesh of male genitals, and instead look to use the mythical concept of the defiant Satan of the works of Milton and the Romantic poets to embody self reliance and a way to speak truth to power.

But who or what are the Illuminati? Historically, they were a society formed in Bavaria when it was technically a separate state during the Enlightenment. They believed in combating superstition, misinformation, and the Church’s power over the state. In this way they can be seen as simply a Humanist organisation that was forced into secrecy due to the heavy Catholic control in the state of Bavaria at the time1. The secretive nature of the organisation made it easy to become scapegoated as the cause for any secular unrest and the radical revolution in France2. The goals of the historical Illuminati share many similarities with those of organisations like the GOS which sadly makes it easy for some more imaginative reactionaries to weave a grand conspiracy theory where they become blended into an evil Chimera-like organisation.

This has continued to this day, though with a slight change. The most common trope is a shadowy cabal that orchestrates global events in the hopes of causing enough chaos to usher in a New World Order, with people injecting their own personal theories into the conspiracy story. However, unlike the enlightenment illuminati, the modern conspiracy instead claims that the organisation gains its powers by worshipping Satan and sacrificing children. These concepts have been supercharged by groups like QAnon, and there has been a recent resurgence in causing moral panic by accusing opponents of belonging to a secretive organisation that eats babies and worships Satan.

On the other hand, there are those who would seek to use these conspiracy theories to prey upon the desperate and uninitiated. The usual lure that is used by the “Illuminati” is to approach an individual on social media with the invitation to gaining a fortune. Who knew that the highly secretive organisation would have members openly declare themselves as part of the organisation or have a multitude of “official illuminati” accounts? In this regard there is little difference between the “Illuminati” offering the Satanist money in return for X and the prosperity gospel “give me a $1000 now and god will do something good for you down the line”.

Much in the same way, there will be those who think that they can approach us as Satanists, and ask that we put them in touch with Satan so they can exchange their “soul” for money or fame, thinking that they can actually conduct the famous Faustian pact, the product of the famous German folklore, in real life. We find this approaches to be both comedic, as we believe that neither a person’s soul, nor Satan, or any of the superstition surrounding them actually exist, and also tragic, because we often find that these requests come from people who live in deprived situations, and they actually think that this nonsense can lift them out of their terrible situations. The one small thing that we can do for them is inform them that they have been lied to, and hopefully persuade them to stop such fallacious thinking.

It should be fairly obvious to people that we lack Satan’s or Lucifer’s phone number as certain people claim, if we did I’m sure we’d be seeing legions of people calling down lightning or being extremely wealthy. Reality shows that it’s a relatively small section of the Human family that holds grotesque levels of wealth, and they have become even wealthier during recent times without otherworldly powers, but instead with exploitation of a lack of market regulations and the workforces3.

Written by Chemosh

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