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Satanism in the media – an open letter to the BBC and UK media outlets

Today the BBC released a segment on the horrific actions of a disturbed individual who murdered two women in what he claimed was a part of a “Satanic” pact. 

The man in question was shown to subscribe to extreme right wing occultist ideology as espoused by neo-nazi groups such as the Order of Nine Angles. These groups use the label of Satanism to mask their true intent of promoting fascism, antisemitism and white supremacy. They are vile organisations and we call again on the UK government to proscribe them as terrorist organisations and hate groups. 

We condemn entirely the actions of this individual as well as these organisations for their dangerous, hateful rhetoric. 

Once again however the media have used the word “Satanism” as an inaccurate sensationalist buzz word to add drama to a piece of journalism. Whilst the BBC invited on an academic to talk about Satanism, who did briefly mention that most Satanic organisations are in fact peaceful, he then went on to incorrectly identify all practitioners of the Left Hand Path as subscribing to power hungry, destructive ideology.  

We call on the BBC and all media outlets to include practising Satanists in any future pieces they produce on Satanism to ensure a fair representation is given of the progressive and peaceful practices of our religion and its adherents. 

Biased and alarmist reporting such as this contributes directly to a culture of fear surrounding Satanism that is entirely unwarranted. 

We invite the BBC to speak to us and provide a genuine Satanic voice when reporting on supposed “Satanic” incidents such as this. 

For more information on The Global Order of Satan, and our beliefs, please explore the About section on this site.

Hail Satan

Leopold Lewis
Media Representative
The Global Order of Satan UK