Satanic Actions

Below are details of some of the actions that we have conducted, from rituals to activism, standing up for the Satanic ideals which we hold to be true.

Bloody Hell!

Bloody Hell!The Global Order of Satan is a religious organisation of modern atheistic Satanists, advocating for Enlightenment values of tolerance, empathy and self-actualisation. We oppose hierarchical religions and...Read More

Satan Not Hatin’

Satan Not Hatin’Satanists come from a range of varied and eclectic backgrounds, and many of us have come from, and still exist within, the various alternative music scenes – rock, metal, punk, goth, industrial and more....Read More

A Black Mass for Poland

A Black Mass for PolandFollowing the re-election of the “Law and Justice” (PiS) party in Poland, known for their anti-LGBT agenda, their denial of women’s reproductive rights, and pursuance of a Christian hegemony, The...Read More