Global Order of Satan: Steel City

The mission of Global Order of Satan: Steel City is:

  1. We will empower our local communities by working to dismantle systems of injustice so that all people may benefit from equal representation and social inclusion.
  2. We will work with local communities to educate them on our mission and who we are.
  3. We will create a unique, inclusive space for non-theistic Satanists to embrace their personal journey, working toward bettering themselves and the world around them.
  4. We will use science, compassion, ritual, activism and community as the guiding light in all we do.

Our first Order in the USA! Steel City Satanists was formed in 2015 and became part of the GOS family in 2023.

Contact links:

Main Order websiteFacebook pageDiscord server

Logo for GOS Steel City

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