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Global Order of Satan reading list

Satanism is a worship of the self, and with that comes an evolution of the mind. We recommend these books in helping you form your Satanic journey, and building your thinking around Satanism.

(For source material on the Satanic myth)
John Milton – Paradise Lost
Anatole France – Revolt of the Angels
Peter A. Schock – Romantic Satanism
Joris K. Huysmans – Là-Bas

(For a history of Satanism, and how it applies to the world today)
Per Faxneld – Satanic Feminism
Ruben van Luijk – Children of Lucifer
Dyrendal, Lewis, Petersen – The Invention of Satanism
Kristen J. Sollee – Witches, Sluts, Feminists
Faxneld, Petersen – The Devil’s Party

(For a look at how superstition is disproved, and encourage critical thinking)
Carl Sagan – The Demon Haunted World