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Daily Mail: “Devil’s island: growing number of Brits are practicing Satanism”

A masked, hooded figure in the woods.

The Daily Mail made an attempt to cover the rise in British Satanism. Despite a strong start giving a broadly positive overview, they carried on to grossly misrepresent our philosophy by suggesting we sacrifice animals and mutilate their bodies. After an email discussion, they removed our pictures (which they had used without consent and labelled incorrectly), required parts of the article and included an explicit disclaimer that we were not involved in the events depicted.

It shouldn’t need to be said again – Satan doesn’t exist, so cannot be impressed by any amount of wanton animal cruelty. As rational and moral creatures we strive to minimise suffering; the notion of blood sacrifice is as abhorrent as it is ridiculous and absurd. Anybody can draw a pentagram – it doesn’t mean Satanists were involved.

The article can be found here: Daily Mail, 21st January 2023.

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