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Banning ‘conversion therapy’

Ban Conversion Therapy

So-called “conversion therapy” is the pseudoscientific practice of attempting to “cure” people of their sexuality or gender identity using physical, psychological or spiritual methods. Despite the warnings of medical, scientific, and government institutions around the world that these practices are ineffective, people are still bullied or coerced to take part in these barbaric actions. The result is significant psychological and physical trauma that can ruin people’s lives.

We at the Global Order of Satan stand firmly against the practice of “conversion therapies”, for three principal reasons:

  1. “Conversion therapy” is rooted in the concept, often born of conservative and/or religious viewpoints, that LGBTQ+ people’s sexualities or genders are an illness and can be “cured”.  We find these concepts to be prejudiced and misguided. They violate our second pillar, which states that we “respect the inviolable body, autonomous will, and sovereign right of every individual to guide their own life and being; remembering that enjoyment of these rights is predicated on respect for the same in others”. We proudly state that gay and trans rights are human rights, and everyone should be loved and respected for who they are.
  2. There is a significant weight of scientific proof that “conversion therapy” is ineffectual in achieving its aims and actually only serves to oppress those whom it is inflicted upon, doing significant damage in the process. This stands against our third pillar, which states that “science, evidence, reason, and critical thinking should guide our beliefs about our universe”. We believe that no official body who claims to follow scientific advice should ever tolerate its practice.
  3. Victims of “conversion therapy” cannot claim to have agreed to consenting to such practices, as they are coerced with the impression of their supposed aberration, and threatened with ostracism and shunning from their families and social groups. Therefore, any practice of conversion therapy is impressed without consent and stands against our founding first pillar principle of promoting “self fulfilment and personal understanding”. People will only grow if they are allowed to define their own path and not have it dictated to them by others.

Despite this, only a handful of countries have outlawed the practice of “conversion therapy”; while others, including the United Kingdom, France, and Norway, have promised bans on conversion therapy, but failed to deliver them. We therefore are joining our efforts with people in those countries to raise awareness of “conversion therapies” and push for a more defined set of bans against these barbaric practices in the hope that other countries will follow suit.

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