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Satan Not Hatin’


Satanists come from a range of varied and eclectic backgrounds, and many of us have come from, and still exist within, the various alternative music scenes – rock, metal, punk, goth, industrial and more. Our love of these scenes intertwines with our Satanism, often embracing the same themes, imagery and symbolism.

We are sad to say that many of us are noticing a rise in hatred and bigotry in the music scenes which we hold dear. We’ve witnessed racism, homophobia, transphobia, and other hate crimes. We’ve seen the symbols we use co-opted into messages of hate. People have been made to feel shamed and unwelcome in what was once open and inclusive communities.

We feel that it is our duty to stand up to this, and say: No more.

We are asking everyone; Satanists, music fans, bands, venues, shops and promoters to come together in unity to oppose this hatred. To use the Satanic values of compassion, empathy, and justice to combat bigotry wherever and whenever we see it. By standing together, we can show the people who spread this hatred that they are not welcome. We want our local scenes to be free of prejudice and enjoyable for all.

How you can get involved

Add your name to our cause. Click on the link below to fill out our form, and we will add your name to the list at the bottom of the page. Let us know if you would like us to keep you updated on our progress at shutting hatred out of our community, and we will send you semi-regular emails showing our latest progress (we promise not to give your details to anyone else).

We will use this petition to help persuade others in the community to join us, and will be producing flyers, stickers and t-shirts to help spread awareness. The more we share this, the larger our voice gets, and the more it eclipses those who want to spread hatred. Together, we can do this. #SatanNotHatin #S8NnotH8N #ProtectedByThePitchfork

Click here to sign up and show your support for Satan Not Hatin’

A design of our red pitchfork logo, black on white background Satan Not Hatin poster Vertical poster for S8N not H8N Satan Not Hatin poster with a white background Satan Not Hatin poster logotype

Want to spread the word? Download our promotional pack with logos, flyers designs and more.

We will soon be having t-shirts on sale so you can show your colours and support the cause!

Supporting groups, bands and establishments

Global Order of Satan:UK
Satanistiska Samfundet
Global Order of Satan:France
Blood Oaks
Black Ink River

Individual supporters

Andy Diabolus
Melanie Brehaut
Jenny Hedin
Tony Bruno
Faye Winston
Blake Mastema
Malus Sorath
Helen New
Magen Labelle
Amanda Boyce
Daniel Griffiths
Daryl Hembrough
Josh A
Tristan Emery
Paul Vindici
Esma Persson
Erik Hedin
Darth Manu
Karen Firmin
Ulrika Kingström
Anders Lehrman
Annica Ivansson
Pietro Wikström
Adam Skoglund
Pater Desolate
Becca Neumann
Megan Fawcett
Daniel Borinder
Steve D’Inferne
Edward M.
Jan Kjellin
Lara I.
Sarah Hjorth
Rose Bryant
Kent Backman
Christopher Morgan
Patrik Jernberg
Jonas Stål
Athaliah Desolatus
Pete DL
Sara May
Dan Hickson
Noah James
Bess Rapp
Ri’el Shower
Jaris Vox
Christopher Parkinson
Corey Bond
Blade Bloodchild
Trevor Staples
Lina Sahlin
Dany Zehnder
Adam Sharples
Hell Yes
Farmer Satanica
Konrad Wilczynski
Sandra Rönn


Satan Not Hatin’ is an initiative by the Global Order of Satan. Read more about us, and what we do.

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